I’m over here…behind 1000 vintage plates

Hi old friends,

I’ve been away for ages. I’ve made some changes, including my focus here. If you don’t want to hear about antique china, mushy thoughts on love and life, dinner parties, recipes, and weddings, then get.

If you’re still here, I have some news… Chase and I are engaged! After 5 years together, he proposed on our traditional hike to Elizabeth lake in Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite.) This deserves it’s own post, so I’ll come back to it later, but it sort of sparked everything that follows…

I love everything about weddings, but once we were engaged the idea of actually planning mine seemed daunting. The one thing I did know, was that I wanted antique china, mismatched, but perfectly curated as if one person had traveled and lived and collected her favorite dishes through her life. I wanted my reception to look like we decided to have a wedding in the woods and set the table with what was already in the house, and it just happened to work out beautifully. So I started scouring thrift shops. I used to travel around LA for work and wherever I would end up, I hit all the thrift and antique shops I could find. I became obsessed. At first I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for. Now I can just look at something and know if it’s bone china, and about how old it is. Eventually, I was a year out from our big day with a collection large enough to provide full service to a small wedding of about 50. I had contemplated renting everything out after the wedding but it seemed like such a waste to just store all of those beautiful dishes for a year. That summer I lost my day job. A job I hated but would never have quit on my own. For 2 years I was miserable but the money was good, and it was very flexible. God’s timing is one of the most beautifully orchestrated things to witness when you see His plan unfold. Because of my sudden job loss, I poured everything into Fern and Bone. I launched the website, join the knot’s vendor guide and contacted some of my best wedding industry pals to collaborate on a styled wedding shoot in Joshua tree. Well, it’s been about 7 months and I’m so happy to say that I’m almost in over my head with inquiries everyday now. Our Joshua tree shoot was featured on 100 layer cake and can be seen here. And I’m now doing this full time. Best of all, I’m probably the happiest person I know. #girlboss

Yesterday, I drove to pick up some vintage limoges china from a woman who clears out houses. I love imagining who owned the dishes I collect for Fern & Bone. I guess how many dinners they’ve been a part of, what they contained each time, what conversations were had around them. The woman told me that this particular set was from a couple in their 90’s who wanted to downsize. It was their wedding china. I thought about them for the rest of the day. I thought how beautiful it is that these dishes have been with them all of their married life, no doubt blessed by their enduring love. I thought how some of my brides will use these plates on their wedding day. China from a bride who was has loved and been loved for a lifetime. How beautiful and priceless that is. If you believe in good luck, I can’t imagine a better way to bless your wedding. Then I felt so much pain. Chase and I are just at the start of our journey. Even though we have loved each other for nearly 7 years, compared to a lifetime, we have really only begun. And this beautiful couple, with impeccable taste, is nearing the end of their time together on earth. I cry every time I think of that. Ugly cry. It all goes so quickly, our lives are so short. I’m sure that 90 year old woman feels like it was just yesterday that she was a young bride to be, and then in a moment, you’ve done it all. How tragic but how beautiful that it all happened. All I can say is that I truly hope I get sick of Chase by the time we are in our 90’s because I can’t imagine not wanting more of him, more of our life, every day forever. I hope God will set aside a little cottage for us in heaven. I promise not to fill that one with china.